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Nalu: a brand to look and feel the best version of yourself

CG: How was NALU born? 

Nalu was born in Miami Beach building off of my international modeling career and my passion for fashion design. I wanted to create a brand that gives women the opportunity to look and feel like the best version of themselves through unique, shapable swimwear that is sustainably and locally hand-made.  

CG: What are the best sellers products of the brand?

Our best selling products are those in our swimwear line. We truly focus on originality in design and believe that our swimwear stands out next to other brands who have designs that have become quite common. Women especially love to buy our looks that can be worn in multiple different ways, which gives a customer her own creative freedom. 

CG: What is it like to be your own boss?

I love it! I am my hardest critic, and am a perfectionist. When I am working for myself I am satisfied that I am putting in hard work to build value for my own brand. 

CG: What are we going to see in your show at Miami Swim Week?

Innovative looks, beautiful models, great vibes! We are excited to present our new collection for 2022 where we have eye popping colors matched with creative designs to take South Beach by storm.

CG: What is it like to work for Miami public?

I love working in Miami. A beautiful city with amazing nature and interesting people, what would be better? 

CG: A dream to fulfill?
My dream is to use Nalu’s success to give back and empower women globally, and help women get exposure who have unique stories to be heard.