Luxury Swimwear by IVY at Miami Swim Week

En Miami Swim Week seguimos descubriendo nuevas marcas, diseños y propuestas como IVY Swimwear por Linda Chiou. Sus texturas nobles de lujo destacan las curvas femeninas y te hacen sentir una diosa del mar apenas utilizas sus diseños. Hoy charlamos con su creadora acerca de esta nueva propuesta:

CG: How was Ivy Swimwear born? 

Linda Chiou: The IVY Swimwear label is headquartered in New York. All the IVY Swimwear bikinis are exclusively designed by Canadian entrepreneur – Linda Chiou. The brand was launched in 2015 and has been her pride and joy ever since. 

IVY Swimwear was born when we noticed a gap in the swimwear market where there was a lack of flattering petite swimwear. We started targeting this niche initially and focused on bikinis that provided extra push up support. Today, IVY Swimwear’s collection is inspired by dainty feminine details which enhance and show off a woman’s natural curves. We like to bring sophistication and unique pieces, at an affordable price point, as we believe all women should be able to rock IVY swimwear. 

All of our bikinis are titled after nature-inspired names, and like the name, IVY Swimwear, the goal when the collection launched was to take over the world like a poison IVY. We see IVY Swimwear worn all around the globe which was our dream when launching the label. 

CG: What are the best sellers products of the brand?

LC: The best selling products in the IVY Swimwear collection are definitely our multi-way designs. People love getting creative with their swimwear and tying the strings in multiple ways. We also include a removable hoop on most of the tops which will allow for even more ways to tie the bikinis. Our convertible designs are not only cost-effective but we love the longevity and sustainability of our customers being able to re-use and re-wear our bikinis over and over again!

Since the start of our line, our lace bikinis have also been the top sellers. Our customers love the uniqueness of the pieces and the mixture of lace with swimwear is such a beautiful combination. Our brand represents confidence and sensuality as a woman. We believe lace, satin, and dainty straps shouldn’t have to be worn only in the bedroom,  so we love incorporating these sexy fabrics and cuts into our swimwear line.

CG: What is it like to be your own boss?

LC: Sharing my designs is much more than just fashion, it means sharing my femininity in designs and passing along this feeling of empowerment to IVY customers. The same goes for being my own boss. It’s empowering and nothing compares to doing what I love every day, making my own schedule, and building my own business. It’s very fulfilling to grow my brand each day and to be able to play a small part in helping women feel beautiful in our pieces! I’m so passionate about what I do, and it never feels like work!

CG: What are we going to see in your show at Miami Swim Week?

LC: I was inspired by a recent trip to the most luxurious resort destination – Maldives. Each look from the Opal Luxe Collection is inspired by the beautiful colors and textures of the Maldivian opalescent shells I discovered while walking on the ocean shores. You will see a lot of iridescent colors pulled from the natural beauty of these shells, and to elevate each piece I’ve also incorporated custom chains and hardware which make each design so special and luxurious.

CG: What is it like to work for the Miami public?

LC: Miami is such a fun, upbeat hub of trend-setters and go-getters. Everytime I’m in this city I feel revitalized and have a new boost of new energy and drive. This city gives me so much joy, and it’s such an honor to be able to show off my collection in Miami. Networking here, making new friends and meeting new people in Miami are crucial to the success of my brand because this city is such a key destination for professionals in my line of work. It’s so special to work for the Miami public and continue to get inspired every time I’m back!

CG: A dream to fulfill?

LC: Launching IVY Swimwear was absolutely a dream of mine since I was a young girl. I never went to fashion school so having my own swimwear brand today is proof that hard work and perseverance can go a long way. I am learning and growing every day, and will continue to keep pushing my brand to new heights. This is only the start for IVY Swimwear and I will keep following my dream to grow the brand and build our team of amazing individuals to take us to the next level.

Podés conseguir todos los looks de IVY Swimwear en su tienda online https://ivyswimwear.com/collections/best-sellers, sentite sexy todo el año con sus looks.