Ex veterano lanza su línea de trajes de baños: SUNGA LIFE BY JEFF GUM

Navy SEAL Jeff Gum and Sunga Life took to the catwalk at Miami Swim Week bringing form and function together on stage with many supermodels showing off the new swimwear collection. He created Sunga Life, the ultimate swimwear brand for people who play just as hard as they work. For dynamic women who want to look good while kicking ass.

It was Jeff’s service as a SEAL, learning Combatives from the Gracie family, that took him to the beaches of Brazil where he was first exposed to the Sunga. A style and design that the most beautiful people choose to wear.

“Ownership of your life starts with ownership of your body.”

He took the Sunga back to the US for himself and soon his friends were asking where they could get their own. Seeing an opportunity in the market he founded Sunga Life with his reenlistment bonus while still fighting for his country.

“Sungas were for people that knew who they were and where they were going. I loved that so I wanted to create a confident brand for confident people.”

Jeff Gum and Modern Women have a lot more in common than you think. In an evolving world, change and development are crucial to success. From Navy SEAL to Successful Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Defender of Civil liberties change and challenge are not new for him. Inspired by the greatness of people overcoming unbelievable odds has always been a driver for Jeff. The importance of a strong woman in the lives of men is undeniable. His mother has always been a rock for him and shown such amazing strength through the many tribulations that his family has been through.

As a true patriot always looking to serve in dynamic ways Jeff focused his philanthropic passions which led him to participate in many extreme charity events like the first Swim for SOF in honor of the memory of 9/11’s heroes who lost their lives. With the Hudson SEAL swim coming up on the August 6, he is thrilled to have another opportunity to respect and remember our fallen brothers and for a second time this coming September 17th in the second Swim for SOF.

“Sometimes you have to be more than people think you are. Women have to be entrepreneurs, leaders, mothers. Strong, independent and powerful. Why not look and feel good while you change your world. Quality people need quality products.”

The Best Selling Sunga Life Designs for Men and Women will be gracing the catwalks at Miami Swim Week.

The Patriot Collection will be taking a break from Saving Sea Turtles and other extreme events to represent on the runway. See collection HERE

All through Miami women have been loving the choice and freedom of the large selection of prints. See the collection HERE.

For the ladies looking to make a more modest statement but get after it in the gym – these Silkies have become everyday attire. Collection HERE.

True to his favorite line of the SEAL creed “ I am never out of the fight ” he has been developing workouts for The Adaptive Training Foundation. He also run rescue missions for sea turtles with Force Blue and doing various ocean conservation with fellow special operators and scientists, all done in the comfort of a Sunga. Showing that true men and women have nothing to hide and are defined by their labors.

It is clear that Jeff Gum has decided to become the living embodiment of what Sunga Life stands for; Freedom to he happy and free as an American, Challenge himself and the world by striving for excellence no matter how hard the path, Improvement of the organization as well as himself in every facet of life and service to the people and organizations that make America great by honoring the memories and meanings of the sacrifices made by so many to keep freedom the birth right of every American.