Americas Food & Beverage 2022: buyers, productores y retails de USA en Miami


En este evento que dura dos días (12 y 13 de septiembre en el Convention Center Miami), podrás ver productos exhibidos por más de 400 expositores de más de 25 países. Además, podrás conocer representantes de ventas que se especializan en brindar productos al Caribe.

Visita el Pabellón USA con más de 150 expositores, obtiene nuevos productos y conoce nuevos proveedores para tu negocio.


Miami es la «Capital Comercial y Logística de las Américas». Tiene agentes/distribuidores que representan prácticamente todas las regiones del mundo y es una ubicación estratégica que sirve a las Américas con conexiones comerciales aéreas y marítimas inigualables.


Bajo el hashtag #MeetOurVendorsAFB22, podrás encontrar en social media distintas entrevistas y contenido snack para descubrir un adelanto de los productos que se exhibirán en esta edición del show más grande de la industria alimenticia en los Estados Unidos. Hoy te dejamos un adelanto de algunas de las marcas participantes y links para que los descubras:

Acme Smoked Fish

They are the 4th generation family owned & operated since 1906.

“In Acme we believe that our short and long term future relies on our commitment to quality, innovation, education, and tradition”

?Meet @acmesmokedfish in Booth #691 at 26th Americans Food and Beverage Show – September 12th & 13th

CharlieJoe Chai

“CharlieJoe Chai (CJC) is a Colorado-based beverage company specializing in chai tea. Inspired by the chai wallahs of India who serve up little cups of sophisticated deliciousness, CharlieJoe spent 20 years perfecting his signature blend of tea and fresh ground spices. Although he first encountered this amazing drink during his numerous visits to India for humanitarian work, CharlieJoe’s mission to share authentic chai started over his own stovetop where he would brew up batches of fresh chai for neighbors and friends. As word of this incredible concoction spread, requests for a way to easily recreate the same epiphany of flavor began to pour in. So, CharlieJoe partnered with trade experts to develop a chai concentrate that delivers all the flavor with none of the fuss. Now, CJC is featured at Ziggi’s Coffee, a leading specialty coffee shop and drive-thru franchise with 48 locations nationwide and over 100 additional units in development. In keeping with their humanitarian roots, CJC works directly with Rungajaun Tea Estate in Assam, India, that ensures a living wage for its employees and an enhanced quality of life for its community. Also, in cooperation with Life for the Innocent, a portion of all CJC’s proceeds goes to help prevent, rescue, and restore children in India from experiencing the horrors of human trafficking. For the entire year of 2022, Ziggi’s Coffee Franchise is matching CJC’s donations for rescuing lives! CharlieJoe is on a mission to simultaneously become America’s Chai and make a meaningful difference in the lives of millions, one cup at a time.”

?Meet @charliejoechai in Booth #668A at 26th Americans Food and Beverage Show – September 12th & 13th

Cura Té Alma

The exclusive PREMIUM YERBA & TEA BLENDS from Argentina. Meet the story of @curatealma a women’s owned company that produces organic and sustainable tea. 

We have a date: IG LIVE 12h with our account and @chicasguapastv (in Spanish )

?Meet @curatealma in Booth #149 at 26th Americans Food and Beverage Show – September 12th & 13th


“Barlow’s Foods is a packaged foods company located in Atlanta Georgia. We create pancake mixes and assorted breakfast staples. Our mixes are made with organic unbleached flour and whole ingredients. We are a woman owned business founded on the belief that great moments begin with food. The company was named after our founders’ grandfather Arthur «Barlow» Harris.
It is his passion for all things agriculture and our vision for food made from whole ingredients, that Barlow’s Foods was born. From our heart to your table we hope you enjoy for generations to come.”

?Meet @barlowsfoods in Booth #678 at 26th Americans Food and Beverage Show – September 12th & 13th


“Oleoestepa is a cooperative producer and marketer of extra virgin olive oil with more than 30
years of activity. For the next olive oil company, it will have 19 associated oil mills located in the
provinces of Seville and Córdoba. This cooperative produces and markets the Oleoestepa brands,
in their Hojiblanca, Arbequina and Selection varieties; and in the gourmet line, Estepa Virgen; and
Egregio (organic).
Oleoestepa groups some 7,000 farmers with more than 60,000 hectares of olive groves, with an
average production of 36,000 tons of oil, with optimal levels of quality. The firm commitment from
its beginnings to excellence in olive oil is reflected in the fact that Oleoestepa only packages extra
virgin olive oil, that is, the superior category of olive oil, this being viable thanks to the
implementation of an integrated production system with which it protects the environment and
manages to produce 87% of its total production as extra virgin season after season. Likewise, high
quality is guaranteed by the Estepa Protected Designation of Origin.

Oleoestepa is the first company in the olive sector to achieve the IQNet SR10 certification for its
social responsibility management system in accordance with the international standard, of
international scope, for its responsible, sustainable, transparent management and committed to
society, the environment, the employees and customers.  This social objective also has its environmental aspect. Since its inception, Oleoestepa has been
clear that its goal is to become an effective, efficient and sustainable cooperative, aimed at
achieving the best economic results, with excellent management and a high-quality product,
complying with the commitments acquired with the environment and maximum product safety,
also having IFS, BRC and ISO 14001 certifications.

?Meet @oleoestepa_esp in Booth #333 at 26th Americans Food and Beverage Show – September 12th & 13th